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Honoring Military Service of our German Ancestors and Descendants

Surname First Name Military Service
Acke/Ache John Ludwig Rev War - State PA
Andes John W Queen Anne's War
Anspach Balthasar Queen Anne's War
Anspach Johan Adam Rev War - State PA
Apgar Conrad Rev War - State NJ
Apking Heinrich Civil War - State OH
Asbrock Leonard WWII - State Ohio
Aufdencamp Herman WWII - State OH
Aufdencamp Richard WWII - State OH
Aufdencamp William WWII - State OH
Aufdencamp Eugene Korean War - State OH
Aufdenkamp Lyndon WWI - State CA
Aufdenkamp Ralph Vietnam - State OH
Aufdenkamp William WWI - State OH
Aufdenkamp Raymond Korean War - State OH
Aufdenkamp Eldon Korean War - State OH
Backus Elmer WWI - State OH
Ball George Rev War - State VA
Barnes Paul WWII - State AK
Barnhart William D Civil War - State IN
Bauer Michael Rev War - State PA
Beerbower Jacob War of 1812 - State VA
Bicking Wm. Laurence Vietnam - State IL
Binckley/Binggeli Christian Rev War - State PA
Black William H Civil War - State OH
Bogard Cornelius Rev War VA
Bogart Cornelius C Rev War - State NJ
Borders John Rev War - Germany
Bowlus William Hawley WWI - State CA
Brillhart Abraham Civil War - State OH
Brubaker Leroy Allen WWII - State OH
Brubaker Raymond Guy WWI - State OH
Bruckmann Christian WWI - State OH
Bruns Karl WWI - State OH
Bryan William Rev War - State KY
Butts Samuel A War of 1812 - State OH
Carrico William Jr. War of 1812 - State VA
Carrico Harvey Civil War - State OH
Clager Anthony Civil War - State VA
Clager Francis J WWII - State OH
Clager John C Civil War - State OH
Clager Joseph Jr Civil War - State OH
Colwell Bozeal War of 1812 - State OH
Cross Charles Eugene WWII - State OH
Cross John William Sr WWII - State OH
Cross Martha WWII - State CA
Crum Adam Rev War - State NC
Daniels Gilbert Air Force & Navy
Davis Roger Navy
Deane Everald WWII - State AL
Dederick Christian 1738 Foot CO Militia - State NY
Dederick Georg Wilhelm 1767 Cornelius Co. - State NY
Dietz Burton Vietnam - State TN
Dietz Charles WWII - State OH
Dietz Eugene WWII - State TN
Dietz George Korean War - State TN
Dietz Jerry Vietnam - State TN
Dietz Joe WWII - State TN
Dietz Kenneth Korean War - State TN
Dietz Lex Korean War - State TN
Dietz Paul WWII - State TN
Dietz Russell Vietnam - State TN
Dietz Walter M. WWII - State TN
Dietz William Friedrich Rev War - State PA
Dolder Albert R WWII - OH
Duchscher John B Civil War - State OH
Duescher Clarence WWI - State OH
Eacker Johan Nicholas Rev War - State NY
Ernsberger Paul Rev War - State PA
Eschedor Robert WWII - State OH
Eschedor Carl WWII - State OH
Eyster Elias Rev War - State PA
Fackler Gottlieb Rev War - State PA
Fincher Betty Army
Fischer Sebastian Queen Anne's War
Foeller George R WWII - State OH
Foeller Joseph T WWII - State OH
Foeller Raymond WWII - State OH
Foeller Robert J WWII - State OH
Foltz Johan Balthus War of 1812 - State VA
Foss William H WWII - State CT
Franxman John H jr Vietnam - State KY
Franxman John H Jr Vietnam - State KY
Franxman Ralph H Sr WWII - State KY
Franxman Elmer J WWII - State OH
Fritz Fred W WWI - State OH
Fritz Rudolf A WWI - State OH
Fromm Frederick Rev War - State PA
Geist Philip Civil War State - OH
Glick John Sr WWII - State OH
Glick Robert WWII - State OH
Glick Wesley WWII - State OH
Goldschmidt Raymond WWII - State OH
Grau Fred W WWII - State OH
Grau Paul A WWII - State OH
Gripshover Richard WWII - State KY
Groce John Henry Civil War - State OH
Hamilton Robert Rev War - State PA
Hammerschmidt Louis Civil War - State NY
Harbaugh Leo J WWII - State OH
Harbaugh Richard L WWII - State OH
Harbaugh Thomas F WWII - State OH
Harbaugh Yost Rev War - State PA
Harp John Michael Rev War - State MD
Hartle Abraham Civil War - State OH
Hartle Addison Milo WWII - State OH
Hartle Frederick MD Militia, Rev War - State MD
Hartle Leonard Boice Civil War - State OH
Hartle Martin MD militia, Rev War - State MD
Hartle Michael MD militia, Rev War - State MD
Hartle Robert Thomas WWII - State OH
Hartle Samuel War of 1812 - State OH
Hartle Solomon Civil War - State OH
Hartle William Francis WWII - State OH
Hartzell Samuel Isaiah Spanish American War - State OH
Hauenstien Frederick Spanish Am War - State OH
Hauenstin Valentine Civil War - State OH
Heckathorn Robert Ethan WWII - State OH
Henry George R Civil War - State OH
Hensel John Leroy WWII - State OH
Herrmann Georg Civil War, Union - State NY
Hertel/Hartle Hans Georg MD militia, French & Indian War - State MD
Hess Louis J WWI - State OH
Hess Wm. Edward Vietnam - State OH
Hetrick Johann Nicholas Rev War - State PA
Hillbush Henry Civil War, Union
Hillbush Henry Civil War
Hoke Robert Civil War - State NC
Hoke/Hock Johenes Rev War - State PA
Homrickhouser Johannes Militia York Co. 1779 - State PA
Hornung Joseph Civil War - State OH
Hornung Joseph Fred'k Civil War - State OH
Hornung Leroy Joseph Civil War - State OH
Hornung Nancy WWII - State OH
Hornung Orlando Ren WWII - State OH
Horstmeier Edward F WWI - State OH
Houser Jacob Rev War - State PA
Hugus Wetly Army
Hulpusch Henry Civil War
Hyman Henry F Civil War - State PA
Hyman-Stewart Henry F Mexican War - State OH
Joralemon Jacobus Cornelius Rev War - State NJ
Kaderman Johan Michael War of 1812 - State OH
Keister Adam Rev War - Sate PA
Keister Jacob A.H. Civil War - State OH
Kilts Johann Rev War - NY
King Peter War of 1812 - OH
Kiser Lewis Civil War - IL
Knable/Kanable John Civil War - OH
Knobel Jacob Queen Anne War - NY
Kobel Frederick Rev War - PA
Kotterman Johann Michael War of 1812 - OH
Kuhns John Rev War - PA
Lambright Phillip G J Civil War - OH
Lauch Henry Civil War - OH
Light Isaac Civil War - PA
Lillis William J WWII - OH
Linnenkohl Johannes Civil War, Union - State NY
Lipps Johann Civil War - OH
Lorenz Ernest WWI - OH
Lorenz Gerald Korean War - OH
Lukens Ernie Army
Lynch Alonzo Spanish American War - WV
Mann Andrew Rev War - PA
Meier Leopold Civil War - OH
Melick John Rev War - NJ
Mong Nicholas Rev War - MD
Mook Samuel Civil War - PA
Mook Adam Henry Civil War - OH
Mook Deloe Emerson WWI - OH
Mook Elias Civil War - PA
Mook Henry War of 1812 - PA
Mook Jacob Rev War - PA
Mook John Civil War - IL
Mook Joseph Civil War - WI
Mook Laural WWII - WI
Mook Norville WWII - OH
Moore Paul WWII - OH
Moore Jr Paul Vietnam - OH
Moreland William WWII, Korean - NC
Nahring Henry Civil War - OH
Obert Donald Korean - OH
Oehlschlager Frederick Civil War - PA
Oehlschlager Paul Adam WWI - PA
Onesetter Phillip Rev War - PA
Overmeyer Barbara Rev War - PA
Overmeyer John George French-Indian War - PA
Pack Geo Washington Rev War - VA
Pack George Civi War - WV
Pegg Elias Rev War - PA
Perry Wilhelm Rev War - NC
Perse Edward McMaster WWII - OH
Perse Robert William WWII - OH
Pfau/Poe Georg Jacob French & Indian War - MD
Poch August Ferinand Franco-Prussian War 1870
Poe Adam Rev War - MD
Poe Andrew Rev War - MD
Porter Patrick Rev War - VA
Porter Samuel Rev War - VA
Porter Jr. Samuel War of 1812
Pratt Charles Vietnam - OH
Pratt John Civil War - WV
Raduege Herbert Ross WWII - OH
Raduege Jr Raymond Vietnam - OH
Raduege Sr Harry Dale WWII - OH
Raker Isaac Civil War, Union
Ramseur Stephen D Civil War - NC
Rassman Georg Heinrich Hessian Rev War
Rexroad Nathan Civil War - WV
Richards/Reichart Geo. Washington Rev War - VA
Riemenschneider Her. Fred'k Rev War - PA
Ries Theodore Civil War - NY
Roark Lawrence WWII - IN
Rock (Racht) William Charles WWII - OH
Rock (Racht) Paul Michael Vietnam - OH
Rock/Racht John Thomas WWII - OH
Roecker Martin Rev War
Roecker Martin Rev War
Roecker Martin Rev War
Rossman Sr John PA Cavalry 1850
Ruoff Clarence J WWII - OH
Ruoff Earl R WWI - OH
Ruoff Earl R WWI - OH
Ruoff Edward G WWI - OH
Ruoff George E WWI - IN
Ruoff Ralph C WWII - OH
Ruoff Stanley H WWII - IN
Samsel Johan Peter Rev War - PA
Satter Carl L WWII - IN
Satter Robert J WWII - IN
Satter Carl L WWII - IN
Satter William L WWII- IN
Schmidt Gustav E WWII - OH
Schmidt Herman WWII - OH
Schmidt Herman WWII - OH
Schmidt Oscar C WWII - OH
Schmidt Thomas Korean War - OH
Schnabel Andrew Rev War - PA
Schneidey Yohann Adam Rev War -PA
Schoendorf Peter Civil War - NY
Schwab George Civil War - OH
Seibel Conrad PA Militia - Rev War - PA
Seilheimer Edwin John WWII - TX
Shafer C.F. WWI- NY
Shafer James F. WWII - OH
Shafer James F Vietnam - OH
Shafer Tewalt/Dewalt Rev War - NY
Shafer William E WWII - OH
Shaulis Andrew Civil War - PA
Shaulis Robert WWI - OH
Shaullis Johan Conrad Rev War - PA
Shook Elvin Army
Sigler John War of 1812 - IN
Simon Andrew French-Indian War - PA
Simon Andrew Frontier Rangers-Rev War - PA
Simon Mchael WWI - OH
Siple Roy C WWI - IA
Siple Roy C Vietnam -CA
Siple William L WWII - Korean - Vietnam - IA
Slagle Jack C WWII - OH
Smart Eli Perry Civil War - OH
Smart Peter Rev War - NC
Sonnhalter George Civil War - OH
Sonnhalter Peter Civil War - OH
Spangler Christian War of 1812 - OH
Spangler Jacob War of 1812 - OH
Spangler Leland WWII - IL
Spangler Mathias Rev War -MD
Spangler Mathias II War of 1812 - OH
Spires Richard Rev War - MD
Spohn Phillip Rev War - State PA
Spohn Jacob War of 1812 - State OH
Stamm Elton WWII - OH
Stamm Joe A Vietnam - OH
Stamm Nicholas Rev War - PA
Stamm Werner Peter Rev War - PA
Stech J. Georg Christoph Rev War - PA
Stehle Lawrence WWII - NY
Steigner George Civil War, Union
Steigner George Civil War
Stemps William Dietz TN
Stevesen Charles Dietz WWI - OH
Stollar-Kaufholz Lewis F Civil War, Union - State OH
Suer Donald A WWII - OH
Suer James K Korean War - OH
Sweinhart Andreas Rev War - State PA
Swinehart Thomas Vietnam - State OH
Swinehart Carl F WWII developer of Fluorine component of atomic bomb - State OH
Thomae Clarence H WWI in France
Thomae Albin H. WWI
Tompkins Gilbert 1776 RI Militia - State RI
Troutman Peter Rev War - State PA
Walter James Korean War - State OH
Wynkoop Hezekiah Rev War - State NY
Zartman Jacob Rev War - State PA

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